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How to Instagram?

How to get more followers for (free?) on Instagram

This is most asked question on Google for 2020 and earlier and yet very difficult to get it right because of the subjective nature. There are several videos online that talk about growing your Insta presence, by giving some kind instant tips or by referring to some magic top trending instagram hashtags, some work and others do not. You see, Instagram and similar Social media platforms are highly dynamic in nature and the moods and trends are highly affected by current top trends in your region.

As of September, 2017 Instagram has now over 500 Million Daily active and over a billion active users world wide. Just in US a whopping 85% of female shoppers use Instagram for some kind of beauty related activities, whether it is following their favorite brands or cosmetic reviewers

Whether is for your personal or growing your business, I have collected these top 5 tips that could help you in boosting your followers -

  • Tip#1 Use the right hashtag for your Instagram post
    This is the most underrated tip of all the tips you can ask. You need pick and chose the right hashtag for your niche. Use Facebook People Insights to find current demographic trends in your region and in your niche. In addition, you can search for top trending hashtags in search tools like one.

  • Tip#2 Don't stop posting!
    Yes, this is most crucial, especially when you are just starting off your Insta. There are several technical studies including studies of Instagram's algorithm that talk about the direct relation between the timeliness and frequency of your posts and the number of followers. My favorite chef @jamieoliver who has over 8M followers, posts at-least once a day. Its the same story with most of the Insta Influencers.

    use HashTag.rocks scheduling feature and never forget to post. Just link your posts in advance, choose your strategy and your next viral post is just a click away.

  • Tip#3 Engage more with your followers and beyond
    Start engaging more with your followers, whether its starting a live video and directly addressing your group or strickling up a conversation with a random person in your target audience, you need get more engaging. If you are unsure who your audience are, search for you favorite #hashtag on Instagram, select the top few pictures and start conversing with your fellow Insta folks.

  • Tip#4 Use Smart Hashtags for better exposure
    Not just any hashtag will work, you need to be smart about choosing your hashtags. Choose highly active hashtags and your post will be overshadowed by the Insta-folks by just sheer number of followers and choose moderate (or low trending) and you may be featured in that hashtag but it might not be your target audience. In either cases, you will not have the exposure you are hoping for.

    The way is to trick the trends by using a combination of different trends that gives you a combined effect to your advantage. This is one of the core features of HashTag.rocks, use our engine to search for different combinations in your niche and see the difference.

  • Tip#5 Use promotions for an extra boost, everyone has done it (oh well..)
    Don't be shy in asking for extra help, especially if you are running to grow your Business. In addition to Instagram ads, use Instagram Promotions to elevate your profile reach. Partner-up with micro-influencers in your niche, and start engaging with your audience, in-return you can give an exclusive offers to them or free samples; who wouldn't like free sample 🤩

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